Mesh Banner 3 x 1 M


Our 3 X 1 M Mesh banners are ideal for outdoor use as they are fully weather proof. The mesh is strong by design and allows wind to pass through making them the perfect choice for scaffolding or large fences. You can order any sized mesh banner, no size is too large or too small

Finishing Options

  • *

  • Hem & Eyelet Information & options *

    50mm welded hem. Eyelets spaced approx every 500mm unless otherwise stated.
  • Clean Cut With Eyelet Information *

    Trimmed edge with eyelets approximately spaced every 500mm apart unless stated otherwise.
  • Hem only information *

    50mm welded hem. No eyelets.
  • Clean Cut Only information *

    Finished with a trimmed edge to give a clean cut. No Eyelets
  • Pole Pocket Options *

  • Pocket size *

    100mm pockets are ideal for scaffolding poles. 50mm pockets are ideal for dowel sized pockets.


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  • Upload Artwork *

    File size limit: If your file is larger than 50MB, please select the "Send Artwork Later" option. You will be provided instructions to send us your file once you have placed your order.Max file size: 50 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif pdf

  • Check My Artwork *

  • Basic Artwork Service Info *

    1 hours design time, ideal for basic designs that are simple and to the point. Our "Basic Artwork Service" includes us adding your message and your images and logos.
  • Send Artwork later Info *

    Upon receiving your order we will contact you via email informing you how to send us your artwork.
  • Artwork & Finishing Notes *


3 x 1 M Mesh banners are perfect for outdoor use where wind may be an issue. The mesh is specifically designed to allow wind to pass through meaning that instead of acting like a kite, the wind simply passes through the holes. For this reason, mesh banners are used most on scaffolding and large fences whereas our PVC banners are generally used for indoor use or in areas where wind doesn’t affect them such as on walls.

About Mesh Banners

Using our website it is easy to order a mesh banner. The process is as follows:

  1. Select the "banner size" you want your banner to be. At this stage we will provide you with a price.
  2. Choose your "finishing options" where you can choose which finish is suitable for your banner installation.
  3. Then decide if you want to upload your artwork, send it later or get us to provide you with a basic design.
  4. Add the banner to the cart.
  5. Select your delivery options and then make payment.

All of our mesh banners are made from perforated PVC. You will see on our product photos that they contain tiny holes however from a distance these are not visible. These holes allow wind to pass through the banner and this means that on windy days the banner doesn't flap about. Furthermore, this reduces the chance of damage to the building or structure it is attached to.

The mesh banners we sell are printed on perforated PVC. The material is highly durable and made to withstand winds and solar damage.

All mesh banners are printed in high resolution. Specifically they are printed in full colour to 1440 dots per inch.

Yes, our mesh banners are completely weather proof. Our mesh banners repel the rain because they are made from durable pvc. Additionally, the inks that we use on our banners are designed to remain vibrant even in high solar exposed areas such as on the outside of buildings and scaffolding.

Installing a mesh banner is very simple when done correctly. Obviously it depends on the size and location of the banner but our advice is as follows:

  1. Plan your location carefully for maximum exposure potential.
  2. Once you have a good location, work out how you are going to attach it. As an example, it you are fitting it to scaffolding then you may opt to choose "Pole Pockets" under banner finishing options. These can be installed directly onto the scaffolding poles themselves meaning you get a clean, strong finish. Alternatively if you are fitting to fencing, you may want to choose "Hem & Eyelets" which will allow you to place rope through the eyelets in order to strap the banner to the fence.
  3. Whichever way you decide to attach the banner, make sure the banner is as flat and taught as possible so that the artwork is clear even in windy weather.

Mesh banners are fitted with 11mm eyelets as standard. These are the most common size for banners and allow for ample room for strong rope, bungee cord or cable ties to pass though.

As the name suggests "Pole Pockets" are pockets for poles to slide into. These pockets fit seamlessly over scaffolding poles for the perfect banner finish. We provide pole pockets in two different sizes as follows:

  • 100mm pockets are ideal for scaffolding poles
  • 50mm pockets are ideal for dowel

Yes, you can upload a number of images up to a total size of 50MB. If your artwork is in a larger format then we recommend that you select "send artwork later" and by choosing this option we will email you with instructions on how best to send us your artwork for your mesh banner.

The answer is yes if your are using CMYK colours as this is what we use when printing our mesh banners. If you supply your artwork in RBG then the colours will not be exact so we highly recommend sending all artwork in CMYK format. To find CMYK colours you can use this tool - CMYK Calculator.

Yes, if you are not sure about the quality or size of your artwork then make sure you select "Basic Artwork Service" under our artwork options as this will allow us time to work on your artwork.

Yes, if you would prefer to collect your mesh banner from us then you can select to do so at checkout under "Deliver options". Please note that we are based in Manchester and we will provide you with a pickup date and time so that you can collect from our factory.

Follow the steps below to create a mesh banner file that we can print from:

  • Make sure all important information such as text are at least 3 cm from the edge of the banner.
  • For hem and eyelet finishes, make sure nothing overspills the 3cm edge, this ensures that nothing important gets cut through during the banner build process.
  • Make sure that the artwork you provide exactly matches the size of the banner you order. Avoid sending artwork in a different size to the a size that you specify under "Banner Size" as this will result in stretching of the artwork which no-one wants!
  •  When creating your artwork file, make sure you set the document to at least 150 dots per inch. Any lower may result in slightly blurred banners due to pixelation.
  • For the best quality banners we recommend sending your artwork to us the following formats: PDF, PDF/X

If you are unsure about any aspect of your file or artwork, please get in touch with us at and we will be happy to help answer any questions you have.

For more details about on our guidelines for supplying artwork please head over to our "Artwork Guidelines" page.

Download Our Banner Template

banner-template-download  3 x 6 ft mesh banner template - Download

banner-template-download  Scaffold Banner Template - 1 x 1 M - Download


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Printed Mesh Banners In Any Size

At UK Banners we are proud to be able to offer our clients high quality, strong mesh banners in any size you can think of. Our printers are state of the art and produce mesh banners with ease using the finest solvent inks for a flawless finish.

The best choice for large fences and scaffolding

Mesh banners are the best choice for use on scaffolding and large fences. The simple reason for this is that, as the name suggests, mesh banners contain many many holes meaning the wind can pass straight though the banner surface. This means that the banner will not flap as much as a standard PVC banner and will therefore look better because it remains more static so is easier to read or view. Mesh banners are perfect for outdoor use where wind may be an issue. The mesh is specifically designed to allow wind to pass through meaning that instead of acting like a kite, the wind simply passes through the holes. For this reason, mesh banners are used most on scaffolding and large fences whereas our PVC banners are generally used for indoor use or in areas where wind doesn’t affect them such as on walls.


Our digitally printed mesh banners are printed in full colour and high resolution to provide the clearest, highest quality banners available on the market. Additionally, our inks are all eco-solvent meaning they are better for the environment.


The material that we use for our mesh banners is of the finest grade and is scratch and fade proof to ensure that they can withstand all types of weather.

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