Which banner is best for scaffolding?


Which Banner is best for scaffolding?

The best type of banners for scaffolding are Mesh banners. The reason for this is that they have tiny holes allowing the wind to pass straight through. As a result, this means less flapping around on windy days and less chance of a rip or tear. If you are installing a small banner then a PVC banner would be fine but for the best results we recommend mesh banners.

Highly durable and strong

The mesh banners we sell are all made of strong high quality PVC. We specifically use this type of mesh so that they are durable. When it comes to quality, we are very particular and only go for the best materials available on the market. The mesh banners we produce are made to last and will not tear easily or scuff. Obviously if they come into contact with a sharp object like a knife, they will rip but they are designed to withstand all year round weather no matter how hot, cold, wet or windy it gets.


Another main reason that many of our clients choose mesh banners is that they can be printed to any size you can imaging. The material used makes it a much lighter weight option when compared to other banner materials such as PVC banners. The printers we use are some of the largest printers available to buy. However, the size of the printer doesn’t limit the size we can print. If a banner measures more than the width of our printers we simply weld the banner together using our advanced welding system. This welding system allows us to create a flawless seam that means the artwork is perfectly matched either side of the join.


Unlike some other forms of advertising, mesh banners are cheap. They can be produced quickly using our highly advanced large format printers. The speed that we can produce mesh banners allows us to sell the to you at a cheaper rate than most of our competitors. For a fast price on any size mesh banner all you need to do is input the width and height of your banner on our Mesh banners page and we will give you an instant quote quicker than any other website online that we are aware of.


Our ordering system allows us to mass produce manners for national companies. When a large corporation or company want a national advertising campaign we can produce multiple banners for them. Our print setup is quickly and to the highest standards. In addition to this we offer bulk discounts. If you are considering a national advertising campaign using physical mesh banners than get in touch today.